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College Theatre Application Consulting

Choosing the right college theatre program, or choosing the industry at all can feel like an uphill climb.

Lauren Heirigs is a Broadway producer with 18 years of experience in theatre, film, tv and mentorship.

Let her help set you up for success by demystifying the industry, and making the college theatre application process more accessible.

Tiers and pricing below.  Scholarships available.

"Broadway Baby"

College Theatre Crash Course - $300

I'll meet you where you're at and help you make a plan in a one hour zoom session. 

If you've got questions like:  How do I make a career in the Arts?  What's the difference between a BA and a BFA?  What audition material should I use?  How do I make a portfolio?  What about Stage Management?  Or Wigs and Make-Up?  Wait, I can major in Wigs and Make-Up?  

I promise, I can help you figure it out. 

"A Bushel and A Peck"

Beginning to End - $1,200

Consider me your Producer.  We'll work together on everything from narrowing down your school selections to nailing your audition or interview.  

This will be an ongoing collaboration for both of us, but we'll structure it around three one-hour zoom sessions that will look something like this:

Act I: Make A Plan 


A more in-depth version of the "Broadway Baby."  We'll talk through what you want in a program and for your career and I'll help you find schools that fit.  We'll research each one, outline what you need to prepare and make a plan to get it done. 

Act II: Check In 


The halfway point!  I'll review your essay(s), audition materials or portfolios and then we'll do another one hour zoom session to walk through it all for notes and adjustments.  I'll make sure you're headed in the right direction toward the finish line.

Act III: Final Review 


Dotting 'i's and crossing 't's.  We'll double-check everything - application requirements, deadlines, typos, interview questions, audition notes, portfolio materials, etc.  We'll make sure you're all set and feeling confident!


Pricing varies

  • "In My Own Little Corner"

    • Zoom with a working professional in your specific area of interest  - Wigs, Make-up, Producing, Management, Performance, Direction, Design, etc. 

  • "New York, New York!"

    • Want some help navigating auditions in the city?​  Or recommendations of what to see and how to get tickets?  An in-person coffee?  Let me know when you're in the city!

  • "I Dreamed A Dream"

    • Got another idea?   Need specific support?  A FaceTime on audition day?  Let me know how I can help and we'll figure it out!


(347) 903 - 9453


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